Targeting the right audience makes the delivery of airline content easier

Many airlines offer a broad range of services not just limited to air-fares. These range from dynamic holidays to car-rental and hotels. Our software and data solutions are designed to help airlines sell their products in both the direct and indirect channels, serve their passengers and operate efficiently. We work with major international carriers across the globe and implement systems which streamline the operations and customer service. 

Our portfolio of products is moving towards a platform approach, where airlines will have the ability to make their day-to-day work easier to manage, allowing them to integrate technologies and services from the Penguin suite of products or from other partners and developers. The platform embraces market-leading initiatives so that airline holiday sectors can simplify their business processes, focus on managing their bookings, innovate and deliver seamless experiences.

Innovation fuels our daily goal to shape the future in travel technology as we help overcome global challenges.