The Hari Hong Kong Opens This Winter

The Hari Hong Kong is set to open in Wan Chai this winter, and is poised to be the newest addition to Hong Kongs legacy of great heritage hotel brands.
August 10, 2020


The opening of The Hari, a new luxury hotel in the heart of Wan Chai, has been confirmed for Winter 2020. While some may not consider 2020 to be the best year to be opening a new hotel, chairman and CEO of Harilela Group Aron Harilela disagrees, commenting “The decision to open The Hari Hong Kong after a year of protests and the pandemic represents a vote of confidence in Hong Kong’s future as a city.”

Speaking of the opening, Harilela states, “We are excited to bring The Hari to Hong Kong. Our second property, the hotel represents a homecoming to the place I’ve always called home. Beyond a perfect night’s stay, The Hari Hong Kong aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the neighbourhood and city – it will be the best way for locals to get reacquainted with Hong Kong and for discerning travellers who want to do more than scratch the surface of the city.”

With one location already under the brand’s belt––The Hari London opened in August 2016––the second opening hopes to bring the charm and elegance of the London property to Hong Kong, while injecting the Wan Chai district with a touch of modern luxury and social dynamism.

The new hotel will comprise of 210 guest rooms including three signature rooftop suites, with the spacious rooms complemented by marble bathrooms, each complete with its own rainfall shower. Throughout the hotel, acclaimed British Interior designer Tara Bernerd showcases a layered approach to the design, with the material palettes in the hotel said to be inspired by Harilela’s layered approach to tailoring.