The Travel CRM That Grows With Your Business

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PenCRM will get your travel business off to a flying start
with Contact Management, Marketing Automation, Web Engagement and Email Campaigns.

Know Your Customer

Compile all your customer data in a single place, to surface the right information at the right time so you can present the right message.  Get to know everything about their travel behaviours and preferences to ensure you provide them with the best customer service. That’s why PenCRM fully integrates with our market-leading back office solution, PenAir, providing you with a single platform for managing your customers and enquiries. Collecting information from your customers needs to be meaningful. Gain insights like never before with advanced graphical reports and metrics.

Deliver Personalised Messaging

If you get email marketing right, it can be one of the most powerful promotional tools in your arsenal. If you’re not communicating with your customers right now by email, you are missing out on potential bookings. But we know you’re strapped for time most days and have a million other things to do. Well we’re here to help with that.

Segment your contacts based on their needs and interests, and easily target them with personalised and highly relevant messages that lead to bookings. Instantly upload your customer databases, design great looking travel offers, newsletters, send and track the results.

The PenCRM email marketing system is:

  • Simple to use
  • Seamlessly integrated with your contact database

  • Easily segmented into numerous lists to send targeted emails

  • User friendly and does not require any HTML coding knowledge

  • Used in conjunction with web forms to grow your list

  • For those who need more than just an email marketing tool

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