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Traveler demands, financial pressure, technology advancements, and global growth are changing the travel ecosystem. By simplifying the accounting processes and speeding up the time it takes to report on real-data, agencies can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced service costs, and improved traveler experience. Travel companies need core financials & ERP that can help them be agile and forward-thinking as they navigate the constantly changing business landscape.




Travel Agency accounting software that works for you

Product Overview

Driving the growth of your business is always a priority. This is a challenge in the very competitive travel and hospitality sector. Choose a travel accounting tool that accelerates your fast-growth. PenguinONE helps build processes that last a lifetime with everything you need to stay organized in a single, powerful platform—at a price that fits your budget.

Our PenguinONE solution is ideal for small businesses and start-ups. You will have the added advantage of industry-specific technology providing specialist accounting. Improve your travel business by automating sales, operations and finances across multiple teams. Drive revenue, increase efficiency, reduce sales costs, and deliver unmatched customer value. Make it easy to manage your business finances from anywhere.

Create customer invoices, verify supplier invoices, improve cash flow, and manage exchange rates without the need to integrate to your existing accounting system. Enter payments and track paid amounts for each invoice and reservation.

Record and email purchase invoices directly to your suppliers, set up recurring purchases, and add everyday expenses and receipts on the go. Share data with your accountant with real-time figures meaning you can keep on top of statutory obligations. Use our reporting tools for business insights in aid of potential marketing projects.

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